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Air Racing & Aerobatics

After World War I, U.S. air races reached their zenith, drawing huge crowds. General aviation profited as much as the promoters from this high-risk game. Manufacturers showcased aircraft, hoping a win would spawn huge military contracts. Air racing became a proving ground for new ideas.

The Air Racing Gallery displays an outstanding collection of classic air racers, including Oshkosh native S.J. "Steve" Wittman's personal collection of artifacts and airplanes.

During a remarkable racing career which included a start in every Cleveland National from 1928 to 1949, Wittman brought home hundreds of trophies.  Noted for achieving performance through aerodynamics instead of brute horsepower, he was equally successful as a designer and builder who yielded some of the most noteworthy recreational aircraft in sport aviation.

The Aerobatics Gallery houses one of the world's finest collections of aerobatic airplanes, featuring both the exciting sport of aerobatic competition and "performance aerobatics" as demonstrated by top air show performers over the years.

1928 Church Midwing JC-1 - N9167

The Church Midwing was originally advertised as “the sportiest, safest, best-looking airplane in the light, single seat class,&rdqu... Read More

1931 Laird Super Solution Replica - NR12048

This airplane is a full-size replica of the 1931 Laird “Super Solution” racer, winner of the 1931 Bendix Trophy race, piloted... Read More

1932 Chester Special Racer 'Jeep' - N12930

Arthur Chester designed and built the Chester Special in his garage in the early 1930s. The racer was completed in 1932, but was not full... Read More

1934 Wittman D-12 'Bonzo' - N13688 (N4486E)

Sylvester Wittman (1904-1995), known as “Witt” or “Steve” to his friends, was one of the greatest—possibly ... Read More

1935 Bücker Bü 133L Jungmeister - N515

This Bücker Jungmeister was owned by long-time aerobatic champion Mike Murphy. During the 1940s, he won numerous competitions with h... Read More

1936 Rider/Elmendorf R-5 'Jackrabbit' - NX264Y

Veteran California race plane builder Keith Rider built two new racers for the 1936 season that were essentially identical, the R-4 and t... Read More

1938 Taylorcraft/Cole BF-50 Clipped-Wing - N21292

Duane Cole (1915-2004) was a flight instructor, author, aerobatic instructor, and air show performer. His trademark Taylorcraft, with Col... Read More

1938 Bugatti Model 100 Racer

Say the name Bugatti and racecars should come to mind. Beautiful, fast and sleek the Bugatti racers dominated the European racing scene d... Read More

1938 Crosby CR-4 - NR92Y

Harry Crosby designed the all-metal CR-4 racer while recuperating from serious back injuries sustained in the crash of its predecessor, t... Read More

1943 Boeing/Hughes Super Stearman - N121R (N5051V)

This Super Stearman evolved from the hands and mind of Joe Hughes who wanted something even better than the standard 450 hp airshow Stear... Read More

1948 LeVier W-5 Cosmic Wind 'Mr. Robinson' - N99CW

The creation of the Goodyear racing class inspired Tony LeVier to create a new racer, so he put together a team of professionals that inc... Read More

1948 Wittman DFA 'Little Bonzo' - N1292

Steve Wittman designed and built two Goodyear racers, Buster and Little Bonzo, named after two comic strip characters he had enjoyed in t... Read More

1950 de Havilland DHC-1B-2 Chipmunk - N1114V

The Art Scholl Chipmunk, constructor’s number 116-154, was built at the de Havilland Canada factory in Toronto as part of an order ... Read More

1966 Pitts S-2 Special - N22Q

As Curtis Pitts was designing his round wing single-place airplane, the S-1 Special, he already had a two-place version in mind. Curtis s... Read More

1977 Christen Eagle II - N2FC

The Christen Eagle was designed by Frank Christensen, founder of Christen Industries. Frank was an aerobatic pilot and manager of the U.S... Read More

1979 Christen Eagle I-F - N41ET, N42ET, N43ET

The Christen Eagle was designed by Frank Christensen, founder of Christen Industries. Frank was an aerobatic pilot and manager of the U.S... Read More

Pitts S-1, S-1S Specials 'Red Devils' – N442X, N9J, N58J

The Red Devils aircraft are Pitts Special biplanes designed by Curtis Pitts. In a two-part article in Sport Aviation, May 1973, ... Read More

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